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arcenciel’s youth program's mission is to support young people in difficulty while emphasizing on their human, cultural and intellectual development in order to help them become active citizens within society. arcenciel works with all young people in difficulty and / or disability without any discrimination to help to develop their capabilities and unexploited potential.

The arcenciel youth program is divided into two main branches; cirqu'enciel and the rainbow club. The latter is a concept that brings young people together around activities like sports, educational activities and various training for the development of youth in difficulty. Initiated in 2001, cirqu'enciel is a project created within the arcenciel youth program which is at the service of general society and the youth in particular. It became the first circus school in Lebanon and the Middle East, its goal is the development of youth solidarity, autonomy and responsibility, through the performance of circus arts.


Partnership between CMA CGM & arcenciel
arcenciel and CMA CGM Corporate Foundation join hands in a partnership whose goal is to encourage the development and integration of children with disabilities in the Bekaa region
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An environmental project to reduce recyclable waste
arcenciel launched the campaign Al taba bi mal3abna # الطابة_بملعبنا to engage youth in a civic action and make a difference. This new environmental project in collaboration with the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA), aims to discover the value of the transformed waste.
arcenciel’s first little free Library
arcenciel installed its first “little free Library” at Horsh Tabet public garden, to encourage reading among students. The president of Sin el fil Municipality,

Rainbow Of Hope
The Rainbow of Hope project is an educational project funded by The American embassy and run by the Lebanese NGO arcenciel. The aim of the collaboration is to provide English lessons to Syrian, and Lebanese children, as well as provide the children with other recreational activities.

Training for peace and sustainable development
As part of the "youth bridging differences" project  in collaboration with the partner Diakonia – arcenciel Rainbow Clubs are organizing a continuous training campaign for peace and sustainable development.